Claudia! I've only been in pole classes for 1.5 weeks but I already know that I'm going to miss your classes!! You are amazingly sweet, talented and an encouraging instructor. Have fun in California. Maybe when you return I'll have advanced a bit wink emoticon. In such a short time, my entire outlook on my body and my confidence has changed. I attribute this to your classes and all the girls at the studio. Thank you!!!

Farrah S.

Workshop with Claudia Renee- Pole Dancing and Flexibility Trainer heart emoticon an amazing teacher and a lovely person!

Raquel P.

Claudia has been there every step of the way, pushing me to achieve goals I would have never made for myself on my own. Not only have I lost 23 lbs, I have gained all the confidence I need to love myself inside and out!

Jonna P.

Claudia Renee is by far the best instructor I've ever trained with. If you have a goal, she will help you reach it. If you want to learn from the best take a class from Claudia!

Jamie G

Claudia is great at instructing, and will level with where you are at. When she started flexibility classes and I learned she wasn't born flexible, I got inspired by her determination, and now I've fallen in love with it! I can now do more floor work and tricks on the pole, when before I was limited. I owe it to the inspiration and help Claudia gave me.

Pam R.

There are constantly new goals and challenges to achieve, and it is a true confidence boost to be able to look back and see progress being made. Claudia is an expert at her craft, consistently experimenting to be able to provide her students with the latest in the industry.

Natalie L.